Some of My Favorite Tools…

These are a few basic tools that have helped me simplify my online business, save time and save money. I am sharing them because I hope you find them helpful too. Whether you are just getting started online or looking to simplify your business, I highly recommend these tools. Feel free to check them out at my affiliate links below.

Domain Registration

Building or expanding your business online will require having several domains.  My preference for domain registration is GoDaddy®.  I've tried other companies but appreciate GoDaddy's pricing and customer service.

Domain Hosting

As you build your business online, you will also need hosting services to “host” the contents of your site…images, files, etc.  BlueHost  offers affordable shared and dedicated hosting packages.  Pricing is based on how you want your site to perform.  I recommend starting with a basic package and upgrading as you need it.

Lead Pages

Growing your business is about getting more and more leads.  LeadPages® allows you to create & launch high-converting lead pages without any coding. The pages are also mobile responsive and work iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, so you can be sure everyone can navigate through your landing pages on any mobile device.


Building relationships and nurturing them through adding value is a key component to building a Network Marketing business. Aweber is a tool that allows you to do that.  It is integrated with most other platforms you will need for your business, so is considered to be one of the best.

Narrowing this list of books down to 4 (so as not to clutter the page or overwhelm people;) was quite a challenge.  I really mean it!  I'm a reader and there are so many authors and books that have impacted my life and business to get me to where I am today, that it was a hard choice.  That said, here are the 4 I chose to get things started.  Congratulations, if you've already read them.  If not, click my affiliate links below to add them to your library.  And please, block out time to read, absorb and implement…and share with others.  Enjoy!

Want a successful, generational business?  A MUST read!

The stuff dreams are made of!

Tony Robbins Makes it Plain and Simple!

Perfect read to get past “What will they think of me?”, so you can build the business YOU want.

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